For Injured Parties

For Injured Parties

If you have been contacted by Evoque Medical, then it is probably due to your solicitor requesting we arrange a private medical examination for your claim. When making a personal injury or compensation claim, obtaining up-to-date medical information is an essential part of making your case.

It is essential that you attend a medical examination with one of our experts so that a report can be prepared to support your claim and reveal what treatment may be necessary to aid your recovery. In some cases, claims can be settled out of court based on the medical report alone, which is why it is important you attend your appointment.

When arranging your medical appointment, we will do our best to select a time and place that is convenient for you from our network of medical professionals. We appreciate that you will not be available all the time, which is why we try to be flexible and use our network of experts across the country to schedule to a convenient time for you.

Once the examination has been arranged, we will send you a letter with all the necessary information for your appointment. This should answer all your questions, but please feel free to contact us on 01925 363090 or email [email protected] with any further queries.

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