About Us

The core values of Evoque Medical have evolved over the years as the need for expansion has allowed us to scrutinise the client journey and see how we can make the process leaner and more efficient.

Starting out in a moderately sized office, we provided specialist medico-legal reports for personal injury and compensation claims for a select few law firms and claims management companies. As the professionalism and reliability of our service became more and more recognised, our portfolio grew and thus, our services began to reach other firms and companies throughout the UK.

Through networking with many law firms, we have been able to widen our skillset. Initially specialising in the physical rehabilitation of our clients, we are now proud to be able to utilise our services within the fields of Neurology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Dental Experts, ENT, Cosmetic Surgeons and many more.

We provide all types of medical legal relates reports, assisting clients from start to finish.

Our panel of medical experts just keeps growing.

Today, Evoque Medical are an integral component in the legal process between solicitor and medical practitioner. We continuously reinforce the core values of Evoque Medical where continuity is essential for all our clients and consider ourselves an extension of every company or firm that we advocate.